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Summer Study Abroad program

Dear Friends, find information about Summer Study Abroad program. Explore the world with International Partners of Ural Federal University! 

The Summer School-2015 “Talents for Talents” is supported by DAAD!

We are glad to inform, that students from Germany, including international students studying in Germany, are welcome to apply for a scholarship Go East at the German Academic Exchange Service. The scholarship covers per diems (accommodation fees, travel fees and a part of the course fee).  

The procedure of applying for a scholarship requires sending application forms both for the Summer School and German Academic Exchange Services.

To find more information, please, follow this link: https://goeast.daad.de/de/25457/index.html

Due to the link between classroom language learning and outdoor language activities, our students easily overcome the language barrier, adapt to authentic contexts, and even encounter the world-known Russian literature masterpieces. For instance, last year our students reached the level required for learning A.S. Pushkin’s poems by heart in three weeks.