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The Summer Educational Program “Russian Studies – Talents for Talents” provides by Ural Federal University on July, 27 - August, 14, 2015. 

Our goal is to advance your level of Russian language in a short term and make yours stay in Russia effective and pleasant whether you come for business, academic or touristic purposes.

The summer 2015 is the fifth anniversary of the “Russian Studies in Real Russia”, that we are celebrating by offering following new possibilities:

•       Extended Intensive Course of Russian as a Foreign Language (60 hours per three weeks instead 50);

•       Workshops and Practical Seminars on the topic our foreign guests are most interested in:

Business and Economics of Russia; Russian Culture and Literature; History and Sociology of Russia; Russian Media and Politics;

•       Enthralling cultural program with the huge variety of extracurricular activities.



In order to apply

Please, send to the e-mail: russtudies@mail.ru or mariagu@mail.ru following documents:

•          The application form which is available on the official site (http://russtudies.ustu.ru/summer-school/apply-now/);

•          A scanned copy of the international passport;

•          The motivation letter with a brief description of your experience in learning Russian language, reasons why you are interested in and expectations about the Summer School.


The online application will also be available here: http://russtudies.ustu.ru/summer-school/apply-now/ . The deadline is June, 01 2015.

Due to the link between intensive classroom language learning and out-door language activities our students overcome the language barrier very quickly, easily adapt in the authentic context, and even touch the world's masterpieces of Russian literature. Like, for instance, our previous year students who in three weeks have reached the required level for learning by heart A.S. Pushkin’s lyrics.